June 29, 2005

Your Resume Upgrade Station

This blog is the direct agglomeration of my personal experience dealing with Resumes, Coverletters, Job Searches, and Career choices. I worked for 6 years at a personnel placement company that specialized in human resources positions. Although not in a HR position myself, I learned what a recruiter looked for in a resume, the purpose of a coverletter, and the best practices in a job search, from the best managers, recruiters, and personnel specialists in the industry.

Over the years that knowledge has been very useful to me in finding new positions. I frequently receive requests from friends and family to review their resumes, which I am happy to do. So the time has come to formalize that knowledge. As you can see, I'm taking advantage of the unique publishing platform that is the weblog to do so. I hope this will be as successful a merging of information and technology, form and function, as your resume should be.

My mission is that you, the reader, should be able to find useful hints, clear instructions, and hard facts that will help you promote yourself into the next job in your career path. I realize I am not the end point of all knowledge when it comes to resumes, coverletters, and job searches, so I'll also be providing pointers to other resources that I have found useful. I'm sure you will to.

So welcome one and all to the Resume Upgrade blog. Now let's forge a path to your future.