December 01, 2007

How thinking like management can help your career

Here's some good advice for anyone looking for career advancement: think like your boss.
The first key to thinking like management is to understand their motivations. What or who do they fear? Who do they need to impress? What will make them look bad (or good)? This might mean thinking macro and seeing things above your pay grade, but it will help you understand the good and the bad decisions they make. Just as a good boss takes the time to understand things from his employees’ point of view, the wise employee tries to understand her boss.
Not only can this help you in your current job, but if you're applying for a new position, put yourself in your future bosses shoes. Ask what pressures are affecting their job and then be clear on how you can help relieve that stress and solve those problems. (Via The Job Bored)

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November 02, 2007

Ten Tips For Writing A Resume That Will Get The Right Kind Of Attention

The Simple Dollar has Ten Tips For Writing A Resume That Will Get The Right Kind Of Attention. I do disagree with the first point, keep it to one page (it's a guideline, not a rule), but the rest of his points are excellent.

1. One page only, period.
2. Write everything with active verbs.
3. List everything positive that you can think of about past positions, and use the best.
4. Be concrete.
5. Assert your abilities strongly right at the top, but be sure they’re backed up by the concrete achievements that follow.
6. Lead off with home runs.
7. Leave accurate and professional contact info.
8. Write a one-page cover letter, always.
9. Be professional on social networking sites.
10. Don’t be flashy in the design of the resume.


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August 16, 2007

How To Write A Resume, a new guide.

Mahalo, a different kind of search engine with people moderated results, has posted a how-to on writing a resume. Lots of good stuff there. Particularly the example of how not to make a video resume.

I would make one recommendation opposite of the guide however. Don't include an 'Objective' section on your resume (see my previous post). That information goes in your cover letter.

The recipient of your resume already knows you're interested in the position, to state so again is redundant. Instead, use that space to sell yourself with a 'Summary' that highlights the specific skillset needed for the position you're applying to and how you're the perfect candidate.

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July 25, 2007

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