January 10, 2006

Alternate Job Experience Entry

Instead of just writing your job experience in paragraph or bulleted style, mix it up a little bit. Use a combination of the two that spells out your responsibilities in a paragraph and highlights your achievements in a bullet list. This will allow the reader to quickly scan your resume and identify the salient information quickly. Here is an example:

Communications Director at Health International, a multi-state regional hospital and medical facility. Developed marketing plans and maintained good community relations. Previously managed staff of 12 sales representatives in insurance sales, health products and services. As Director of Sales, monitored 10 sites and supervised team of 45.
  • Strategic Communication – Created Direct Mail Campaign to continuously attract new accounts. Directed content upgrade for Website.
  • Business Development – Grew subscription revenue from $1 million to $1.8 million and spearheaded development of Insurance Program Sales to direct focus toward expansion and customer retention.
  • Event Planning – Served on community relations team. Represented company at health fairs and other regional events.

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