August 11, 2005

Your Resume: Skills, smoke'm if you got'em

Skills is the section where you load your resume up with keyword triggers. If your resume ends up in a database, these keywords will be useful in making your resume show up in search results.

Some positions require that you possess certain skills before they even consider your resume. Unfortunately, very few companies want to train new hires these days. It's a fact of life. This means, the best thing you can do to make sure you get a better job than the one you're leaving, is to enroll in training classes on a regular basis. Career Enhancement -- but that's a topic for another book.

Udner Skills you will be listing all the skills you've acquired since you started earning a paycheck that you could possibly use in a professional capacity. Were you responsible for copier maintenance in a job you had 10 years ago? Put that down. The company you're applying to may want you to handle their copier maintenance contract.

Don't be afraid to get minute here. If you know three kinds of word processing software, list all three titles. Don't abbreviate either. Abbreviations won't show up in keyword searches.

Some new skills you may not think of adding but probably have if you found this blog; Internet Navigation, Search, and Retreival; Joined Internet in 1994, HTML, Blogging, Discussion Board Moderation, Email, Text Messaging, etc..

Group your skills by subheading if you are listing more than ten to twenty skills. You might try; Computers, Internet, Office Skills, and Languages for a place to start.

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