September 04, 2006

Dissecting the Job Interview

Seth Godin, marketing guru and purple cow author, dissects the Job Interview Process. His point of view is from the companies, but as a candidate you might pick up a few pointers if you're astute. For instance, Godin notes:
At least half the interview finds the interviewer giving an unplanned and not very good overview of what the applicant should expect from this job. Unlike most of the marketing communications the organization does, this spiel is unvetted, unnatural and unmeasured.
Well, what if you as a candidate were prepared with research on the company and was ready to give this speil yourself. Explain the history of the company as you see it and how you fit in. Then to top it off you ask to see some current projects you would be working on so you can talk about them with your future team.

Find some way to add value even in the applicant process and that's a foot and a half in the door.

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