September 21, 2006

What to put for College Education if you never graduated

One interesting consideration for your resume is what to put under education if you have only a partial completion at the university level. The most important thing is not to lie or imply. Don't make the interviewer think you earned a degree but did not, because if they follow up on that point and believe you were lying, there goes the job. This thread a Ask Metafilter explores the issue.

My inclination would be to put something like this


Whoville High School 1990-1994
University Nevada 1994-1997 (course of study: business admininstration)

Always include your most recent complete degree. If you don't have a AA then that would be high school. If you have additional studies after that, such as computer classes, etc. You could list them as well. The goal is to show that while college may not have been for you, you are still very interested in learning new things. Which is exactly what I'd emphasize in the interview as well.

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