July 01, 2005

Dealing with Odd Interview Requests - WSJ

You're asked to do something in the hiring process that just seems weird, and makes you uncomfortable. If you express hesitation or flat-out refuse, you risk losing the job. Employers may label you uncooperative or overly sensitive. But if you suppress your discomfort and perform the task, you may be ignoring a red flag telling you this company isn't the place for you.
I've experienced this a few times. Personality tests, usually oriented at seeing if you're a type-A or type-B personality, are the most common. Even if you believed in the ability of a test to tell your personality, the results will be skewed by how you're feeling at the time you take the test. This WSJ story lists some even stranger interview tests (some potentially opening up the company to charges of discrimination). Still what are you going to do if you're unemployed?

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