July 01, 2005

The Toothpick: Your Signature

The signature used to be a place to add a little flourish. But again, following the theory that you don't want anything distracting from the meat of your coverletter, the traditional simple signature is better here. Therefore, always close with "Sincerely," two lines then your name and address with contact info. Sign your name boldly and in blue if at all possible.

Btw, don't use a PO Box if you have a street address. If you're moving into an area ask a friend who already lives there if you can use their street address. If you don't have a local phone number get one using a VOIP provider such as Vonage and provide a local message phone. Then configure Vonage to send you an email whenever you get a new message. It's okay to return a phone call the next day, but two days later is probably too late.

Follow up your resume submission with a phone call three business days later. Ask if your resume was received and what the interviewing process is. Then ask for an appointment. It never hurts to ask. You'd be suprised how many people never call and never send thank you letters after interviews.

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